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Mobile Home Mortgage

Mobile Home Mortgage – What is It?

There are two types of homes: permanent and temporary.

Permanent home are what most of us live in. They are constructed on permanent foundations and can not be moved.

Temporary homes are the houses built on stilts or pillars and are not permanently attached to a foundation or the land. They are known as mobile or manufactured homes.

Mobile home mortgage is for a home with a permanent foundation and the owner owns or will be purchasing the land.

It is a mortgage made by a bank, credit union, financial lender which holds the mobile home and the land as collateral.

A Mobile home mortgage is flexible in their repayment terms, down payment minimums, have competitive interest rates, and are affordable to most buyers.

Around 33% of homes marketed in the US are mobile homes. The reason for the rise in sale of mobile homes is that they fulfill our residential needs and are reasonably priced.

The home is usually built within a few days, compared to the three to five months needed to construct a permanent home.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development determines the standards for the quality of these homes. Manufactured homes are safe, well constructed, efficient, and meet mandatory fire safety regulations.

Another reason for the increase in the sale of mobile homes is escalating property values in America. Because of the extremely high cost of permanent homes, mobile home mortgage amounts are catching the attention of many consumers. SJA

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