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Mobile Home Refinancing

Mobile Home Refinancing Loans

Getting a mobile home refinancing loan means swapping an existing mortgage for a new mortgage, probably with better rates of interest and better repayment terms. Typically, one should go in for a mobile home refinancing loan if the current rate of interest has dipped by more than 2% than what exists on the running mortgage. The basic purpose of a mobile home refinancing loan is to lock in a lower rate of interest and save a tidy sum on the overall mortgage payments.

However, there are many considerations before applying for refinancing. The first question to be asked is whether there will still be some savings after paying all the refinancing charges. While refinancing a loan, the charges to be paid are points, document preparation charges, tax service charges, appraisal charges and lender’s charges. Points may prove very burdensome, as they may be 1 or 2% of the entire mortgage value. Another point to be considered is whether there are any prepayment penalties on the existing mortgage. There may also be closing fees, which may increase the cost of the loan, and the owner may have to pay more than the savings.

It must be noted that a mobile home refinancing loan is different from a mobile home equity loan. In a refinancing loan, the owner exchanges the original mortgage with a new one, while in an equity loan, the owner takes a new mortgage on the equity built up over the period of time. A refinancing loan is a new first mortgage, while an equity loan is a second mortgage.

All lenders follow almost the same procedures to disburse a home refinancing loan. The preliminary step would be to conduct a new appraisal of the property. The amount of the refinancing loan would be different from that of the original mortgage, as it would take the appreciation into account. The new rates of interest would be applied, and clever mortgage takers would lock in that rate of interest for the remainder of the loan tenure. There is less paperwork involved, as most of it is the same as that done while taking the loan initially.

People with bad credit records and delayed payments on their mobile home mortgages find it difficult to get their loans refinanced. However, a refinanced loan is a prudent way of reducing monthly bills as well as a hefty sum on the overall mortgage on the mobile home. SJA

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